Shoreham Harbour

We were asked by Cemex to remove overspilled ballast and sand from their mixing plant on shoreham harbour. Working conditions were tight and we had to use narrow access equipment as well as a large loading shovel. The work only took one day but not easy beside the harbour. It’s not often we have to wear life jackets at work!

img_4903 img_4905 img_4907 img_4908 img_4949 img_4951 img_4952 img_4953

Balcombe Beech Tree

We had been asked to inspect a large pollarded Beech on Balcombe Forest.
The tree had shed several limbs over the last few weeks. Unfortunately the old pollard points were completely hollow and day light could be seen through the trunk.
There was no option but to fell for safety reasons. It was probably pollarded some 250 years ago to make the wood available for furniture making. Over all we estimate the tree had an age of 400 years!

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Regeneration work along the Thames Path

We did some park regeneration work along the Thames Path… removing the overgrown shrubs and weeds, and then turfing the beds…..These are the ‘before and after’ pics!


picture of thames path sign thames path groundworks - before pic 1 thames path groundworks before pic 2 thames path groundwork before pic 3 thames path groundwork after pic 1 thames path groundwork after pic 2


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